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                                                                     AB 501

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          Date of Hearing:  January 21, 2016


                                 Jimmy Gomez, Chair

          501 (Levine) - As Amended April 22, 2015

          |Policy       |Water, Parks and Wildlife      |Vote:|15 - 0       |
          |Committee:   |                               |     |             |
          |             |                               |     |             |
          |             |                               |     |             |
          |             |Judiciary                      |     |10 - 0       |
          |             |                               |     |             |
          |             |                               |     |             |
          |             |                               |     |             |
          |             |                               |     |             |
          |             |                               |     |             |

          Urgency:  No  State Mandated Local Program:  NoReimbursable:    


          This bill requires a person conducting Delta research, and whose  
          research is funded in whole or in part by state funds, to share  
          findings, data, samples, collections, and other supporting  


                                                                     AB 501

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          material created and gathered in the course of the research.   
          Additionally, this bill:

          1)Requires a state agency that funds or participates in Delta  
            research to implement appropriate policies to disseminate and  
            share Delta research results, including requiring the grantee  
            to share research data, collections, and findings with other  

          2)Provides that a researcher who fails to comply with the  
            sharing and dissemination requirements, as specified, is not  
            eligible for state-funding until he or she complies. 

          3)Permits the Delta Independent Science Board (ISB) to adopt  
            guidelines to provide adjustments to, or exemptions from, the  
            requirements of this bill if necessary to safeguard the rights  
            of individuals or the validity or integrity of research.  

          FISCAL EFFECT:

          1)One-time increased costs to the Delta Stewardship Council of  
            up to $1 million to develop an online data submittal and  
            retrieval system.  Ongoing annual costs of up to $800,000  
            depending on how delta research is defined (GF or special  

          2)Increased one-time costs in the range of $150,000 to $200,000  


                                                                     AB 501

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            for the Delta Independent Science Board to adopt guidelines  
            (GF or special fund).

          3)Increased ongoing annual costs, likely of over $150,000 for  
            ISB to provide adjustments and exemptions from the  
            requirements of the bill (GF or special fund).

            The ISB is a part-time board with limited staff.  This bill  
            would significantly expand their duties.

          4)Unknown, potentially significant, increased costs for state  
            agencies, such as the Department of Water Resources,  
            Department of Fish and Wildlife, and State Water Resources  
            Control Board to comply with the requirements of the bill (GF  
            or special).



          1)Rationale.  The Delta Stewardship Council held an  
            Environmental Data Summit last June to explore challenges  
            identified in the Delta Science Plan which resulted in the  
            release of 
            Enhancing the Vision for Managing California's Environmental  
            Information.  This document provides a list of recommendations  
            including the need for sharable data to help inform Delta  



                                                                     AB 501

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            According to the author, there are over 100 different state,  
            federal, local, and non-governmental entities conducting  
            scientific analyses in the Delta.  This bill will foster  
            communication and transparency among Delta researchers and  
            provide the Delta Science Program with open access to research  

          2)Background.  The Delta Stewardship Council is charged with  
            achieving the state's "coequal goals" of providing a more  
            reliable water supply for California and protecting,  
            restoring, and enhancing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta  

            In furtherance of these goals, the Delta Science Program seeks  
            independent research to help lawmakers and state agencies  
            develop scientifically-based water and environmental policies  
            for the Delta.  According to the Council's Web site, the  
            science program has funded 40 research grants totaling more  
            than $25 million. 

          Analysis Prepared by:Jennifer Galehouse / APPR. / (916)  


                                                                     AB 501

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