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                                                                     AB 549

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          Date of Hearing:  April 28, 2015


                                 Marc Levine, Chair

          AB 549  
          (Levine) - As Introduced February 23, 2015

          SUBJECT:  State park system:  revenue generation program:   


          1)States legislative intent to enact changes in law necessary to  
            facilitate and expedite implementation of reforms recommended  
            by the Parks Forward Commission to ensure a sustainable state  
            park system for California.

          2)Requires the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) to report  
            to the Legislature annually by December 31st on the revenue  
            distributed to each state park district pursuant to DPR's  
            revenue generation program.

          EXISTING LAW: 

          1)Called for creation of the Parks Forward Commission to  
            undertake an independent, comprehensive review of the state  
            park system and make recommendations to the Legislature and  
            Governor to provide for long-term sustainability of state  


                                                                     AB 549

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          2)Requires DPR to develop a revenue generation program as an  
            essential component of a long-term sustainable park funding  
            strategy.  Requires DPR to develop revenue generation targets  
            for each district.  Requires revenue generated by the revenue  
            generation program to be deposited in the State Parks &  
            Recreation Fund.  Revenue in excess of the revenue targets is  
            to be transferred to the State Parks Revenue Incentives  
            Subaccount.  50% of the revenues in the subaccount are  
            allocated to those districts that exceeded their revenue  
            targets, for improvement of the parks in that district.

          3)Requires DPR to report to the Legislature by July 1 of each  
            year on the revenue distributed to each district from the  
            revenue generation incentives subaccount.

          FISCAL EFFECT:  None; this bill is tagged non-fiscal.

          COMMENTS:  This bill changes the due date for an annual report  
          that DPR is required to submit to the Legislature on revenue  
          generation incentive payments distributed to park districts as  
          part of DPR's revenue generation program.  Currently, the report  
          is due annually on July 1st.  However, because of the timing of  
          receipts of earned income and final accountings from various  
          contractors and vendors, which are received after the end of the  
          fiscal year, this date is not practical.  By requiring the  
          report to be submitted by December 31st, DPR will be able to  
          report accurately on actual payments made as opposed to  
          estimated or projected revenues.

          This bill also contains legislative intent to implement changes  
          that may be identified as necessary to implement recommendations  
          of the Parks Forward Commission.  DPR established a  


                                                                     AB 549

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          transformation team that is working on implementation of the  
          Commission's recommendations, and other reforms, to improve  
          operations and efficiency, and ultimately the long-term  
          sustainability of state parks.  That effort is a work in  
          progress.  If this bill is subsequently amended to address  
          issues identified as that process progresses, it can be brought  
          back to this committee for further review, as desired.

          Prior and related legislation:  AB 1589 (Huffman), Chapter 533,  
          Statutes of 2012, among other things, declared the policy of the  
          Legislature to promote formation of a multidisciplinary advisory  
          council, to conduct an independent assessment and make  
          recommendations to the Legislature and Governor on reforms  
          needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the state park  
          system.  The Parks Forward Commission was subsequently appointed  
          by the Secretary of Natural Resources to conduct that review in  
          2013.  The Commission released its final report on January 30,  
          2015.  This committee held a joint oversight hearing on the  
          report's findings and recommendations on February 24, 2015.

          AB 594 (Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee), Chapter  
          407, Statutes of 2013, among other things, required that the  
          incremental revenue generated from DPR's revenue generation  
          program be deposited in the State Parks Revenue Incentives  
          Subaccount.  It also provided that in the event that future  
          budget reductions necessitate changes in the continued operation  
          of state park units, that DPR should achieve any required budget  
          reductions by implementing efficiencies and increasing revenue  
          collection or reducing services, and that full park closures be  
          considered only as a last resort.

          SB 204 (Pavley), which is pending in the Senate, makes several  
          changes that are also intended to facilitate implementation of  
          recommendations of the Parks Forward Commission, including but  
          not limited to, authorizing DPR to accept donations or real  
          property or money from public or private sources to fund  


                                                                     AB 549

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          programs to benefit youth, and to enter into cooperative  
          agreements with public or nonprofit organizations to provide  
          service and learning opportunities for youth.       



          None on file.


          None on file.

          Analysis Prepared by:Diane Colborn / W., P., & W. / (916)  


                                                                     AB 549

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