Amended in Assembly May 6, 2015

California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly BillNo. 562

Introduced by Assembly Member Holden

February 24, 2015

An act to amend Section 13109 of the Elections Code, relating to ballots.


AB 562, as amended, Holden. Elections: ballots.

Existing law sets forth the order of precedence of offices and measures on the ballot and, among other things, requires the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to be listed on the ballot under the heading, SCHOOL.

This bill would instead require the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to be listed under the heading,begin delete STATE.end deletebegin insert STATEWIDE EDUCATION, and it would move the location of this office on the ballot, thus changing the order of precedence.end insert This bill would also remove other instructions relating to the placement of this office on the ballot.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: no. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P1    1


Section 13109 of the Elections Code is amended
2to read:



The order of precedence of offices on the ballot shall
4be as listed below for those offices and measures that apply to the
P2    1election for whichbegin delete thisend deletebegin insert theend insert ballot is provided. Beginning in the
2column to the left:

3(a) Under the heading, PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT:

4Nominees of the qualified political parties and independent
5nominees for President and Vice President.

6(b) Under the heading, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED

8(1) Names of the presidential candidates to whom the delegates
9are pledged.

10(2) Names of the chairpersons of unpledged delegations.

11(c) Under the heading, STATE:

12(1) Governor.

13(2) Lieutenant Governor.

14(3) Secretary of State.

15(4) Controller.

16(5) Treasurer.

17(6) Attorney General.

18(7) Insurance Commissioner.

begin delete

19(8) Superintendent of Public Instruction.

end delete
begin delete

18 20(9)

end delete

21begin insert(8)end insert Member, State Board of Equalization.

22(d) Under the heading, UNITED STATES SENATOR:

23Candidates or nominees to the United States Senate.

24(e) Under the heading, UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE:

25Candidates or nominees to the House of Representatives of the
26United States.

27(f) Under the heading, STATE SENATOR:

28Candidates or nominees to the State Senate.

29(g) Under the heading, MEMBER OF THE STATE

31Candidates or nominees to the Assembly.

begin insert

32(h) Under the heading, STATEWIDE EDUCATION:

end insert
begin insert

33Superintendent of Public Instruction.

end insert
begin delete


end delete

35begin insert(i)end insert Under the heading, COUNTY COMMITTEE:

36Members of the County Central Committee.

begin delete


end delete

38begin insert(j)end insert Under the heading, JUDICIAL:

39(1) Chief Justice of California.

40(2) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

P3    1(3) Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal.

2(4) Associate Justice, Court of Appeal.

3(5) Judge of the Superior Court.

4(6) Marshal.

begin delete


end delete

6begin insert(k)end insert Under the heading, SCHOOL:

7(1) County Superintendent of Schools.

8(2) County Board of Education Members.

9(3) College District Governing Board Members.

10(4) Unified District Governing Board Members.

11(5) High School District Governing Board Members.

12(6) Elementary District Governing Board Members.

begin delete


end delete

14begin insert(l)end insert Under the heading, COUNTY:

15(1) County Supervisor.

16(2) Other offices in alphabetical order by the title of the office.

begin delete


end delete

18begin insert(m)end insert Under the heading, CITY:

19(1) Mayor.

20(2) Member, City Council.

21(3) Other offices in alphabetical order by the title of the office.

begin delete


end delete

23begin insert(n)end insert Under the heading, DISTRICT:

24Directors or trustees for each district in alphabetical order
25according to the name of the district.

begin delete


end delete

27begin insert(o)end insert Under the heading, MEASURES SUBMITTED TO THE
28VOTERS and the appropriate heading from subdivisions (a)
29throughbegin delete (m)end deletebegin insert (n)end insert, above, ballot measures in the order, state through
30district shown above, and within each jurisdiction, in the order
31prescribed by the official certifying them for the ballot.

begin delete


end delete

33begin insert(p)end insert In order to allow for the most efficient use of space on the
34ballot in counties that use a voting system, as defined in Section
35362, the county elections official may vary the order of
36subdivisionsbegin delete (j),end delete (k), (l), (m),begin delete and (n)end deletebegin insert (n), and (o)end insert as well as the
37order of offices within these subdivisions. However, state measures
38shall always precede local measures.