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                              Senator Carol Liu, Chair
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:             AB 598             
          |Author:    |Calderon                                             |
          |Version:   |May 31, 2016                             Hearing     |
          |           |Date:   June 15, 2016                                |
          |Urgency:   |No                     |Fiscal:    |Yes              |
          |Consultant:|Olgalilia Ramirez                                    |
          |           |                                                     |
          Subject:  Child care:  family child care home education networks

          This bill codifies, clarifies and standardizes the duties and  
          responsibilities of family child care home education network  
          (FCCHEN) contractors and providers.

          Existing law:

             1)   Establishes the Child Care and Development Services Act  
               to provide child care and development services as part of a  
               coordinated, comprehensive, and cost-effective system  
               serving children from birth to 13 years old and their  
               parents including a full range of supervision, health, and  
               support services through full- and part-time programs.   
               (Education Code  8200, et seq.)

             2)   Defines "child care and development services" to mean  
               services designed to 
          meet a wide variety of children's and families' needs while  
          parents and guardians are working, in training, seeking  
          employment, incapacitated, or in need of respite.  (EC  8208)

             3)   States the intent of the Legislature that all families  
               have access to child care and development services, through  
               resource and referral where appropriate, and regardless of  


          AB 598 (Calderon)                                       Page 2  
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               demographic background or special needs, and that families  
               are provided the opportunity to attain financial stability  
               through employment, while maximizing growth and development  
               of their children, and enhancing their parenting skills  
               through participation in child care and development  
               programs.  (EC  8202)

             4)   Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to  
               ensure that contracts for child care and development  
               programs include a requirement that each provider maintain  
               a developmental profile to appropriately identify the  
               emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth of each  
               child served in order to promote the child's success in the  
               public schools.  (EC  8203.5(b))

             5)   Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to  
               administer general child care and development programs to  
               include, among other things as specified, age- and  
               developmentally-appropriate activities, supervision,  
               parenting education and involvement, and nutrition.  (EC   
               8240 and  8241)
             6)   Defines a "family child care home education network" to  
               mean an entity organized under law that contracts with the  
               California Department of Education (CDE), as specified, to  
               make payments to licensed family child care home providers,  
               and to provide educational and support services to  
               providers and to children and families eligible for  
               state-subsidized child care and development services.  (EC  

             7)   Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to  
               contract with entities organized under law to operate  
               family child care home education networks (FCCHEN), as  
               specified, and establishes requirements for FCCHEN programs  
               including to ensure that provider services are of high  
               quality and educationally and developmentally appropriate.   
               (EC  8245 and  8246) 

          This bill codifies, clarifies and standardizes the duties and  
          responsibilities of FCCHEN contractors and providers.  
          Specifically, it:


          AB 598 (Calderon)                                       Page 3  
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          1)   Codifies additional requirements for FCCHEN contractors,  

               a)        Using the appropriate tools to assess FCCHEN  
               providers, when 
                    conducting mandated assessments.

               b)        Maintaining a developmental portfolio for each  
               child that includes, among 
                    other items, a child's work product and observations  
               of the child. 

               c)        Ensuring each developmental profile is completed,  
               using the 
                    developmental child assessment profile selected by the  
               department and 
                    the developmental portfolio maintained by the  
               provider, as specified. 

               d)        Conducting a parent survey and ensuring the  
               offerings of parent 

               e)        Monitoring each affiliated provider in meeting  
               basic health and nutrition 
                    and quality standards and supporting providers in  
                    meeting quality standards by assessing program  
                    components and providing technical assistance, among  
                    other things.

               f)        Conducting no less than 6 site visits for  
               purposes of providing technical 
                    assistance, training, support and conducting  

               g)        Offering providers at least 12 hours annually of  
               technical assistance 
                    training that may include, among other things,  
                    appropriate educational practices and parent  

               h)        Employing at least one child development  
               specialist who has educational 


          AB 598 (Calderon)                                       Page 4  
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                    qualifications equivalent to a child development  
               teacher permit.

               i)        Maintaining a signed, written agreement with each  
               affiliated provider and 
                    an authorized representative of the family child care  
               home education 
                    network (FCCHEN).

          2)   Codifies requirements for FCCHEN providers, including:

               a)        Adopting curriculum or curricula, of the  
               provider's choosing, appropriate 
                    for the age range of children in the home. The  
               contractor may adopt a 
                    policy limiting the curricula acceptable within its  
               network, as specified.

               b)        Providing age and developmentally appropriate  
               educational activities for 
                    children; care and supervision of children; and  
               nutrition that is consistent 
                    with standards of the Child and Adult Care Food  
               Program of the United 
                    States Department of Agriculture.

               c)        Identifying child and family social service or  
               health needs and share those 
                    needs with the contractor. 

               d)        Completing the developmental profile, in  
               consultation with the contractor 
                    by completing the developmental child assessment  
               profile, maintaining the 
                    developmental portfolio, documenting observations of  
               the child's skills and 
                    conducting parent teacher conferences. 

               e)        Providing the contractor with copies of all  
               citations issued to the provider 
                    by Community Care Licensing Division of the State  
               Department of Social 


          AB 598 (Calderon)                                       Page 5  
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               f)        Obtaining no less than 12 hours of training per  
               year, as specified. 

          3)   Specifies that providers or contractors are not required to  
               maintain a parent advisory committee.

          4)   Makes other technical changes.

          1)   Need for the bill.  According to the author, "current law  
               lacks consistent administration and implementation of  
               FCCHENs, so tools used to make quality assessments may not  
               be appropriate to family child care home settings."  This  
               bill seeks to provide consistency in administering FCCHEN  
               programs and codify standards for both the contracting  
               agencies and providers. 

          2)   Family Child Care Home Education Networks.  The California  
               Department of Education (CDE) has contracted with Networks  
               for over 30 years to recruit licensed family home providers  
               to provide care,  place children with providers, ensure  
               children receive an appropriate education program, provide  
               training for both parents and providers, collect parent  
               co-pays, and collect invoices from providers, among other  
               responsibilities.  The roles, responsibilities, and  
               requirements that FCCHENs are required to meet, are  
               contained in the Education Code and regulations developed  
               by the CDE.
               To date there are two types of family child care home  
               education networks (FCCHEN) in operation.  The first  
               operates under the California Family Child Care Home  
               Education Network contract type which utilizes the regional  
               market rate. California Department of Education (CDE)  
               contracts with 33 of these agencies/contractors who provide  
               services to 2,625 children through 799 family child care  
               home providers. The second type operates under the General  
               Child Care and Development Program and utilizes the  
               standard reimbursement rate.  There are 60  
               agencies/contractors of this type serving 4,503 children.  
               Some agencies hold contracts under both provisions. Overall  
               there are roughly 30 to 40 FCCHENs statewide.  


          AB 598 (Calderon)                                       Page 6  
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          3)   Why codify?  This bill codifies existing duties and  
               responsibilities of FCCHENs, thereby establishing a  
               standard framework for FCCHENs. In so doing, may provide  
               greater awareness of, and compliance with,  
               responsibilities, and requirements.  However, codification  
               could create cost pressure to provide additional funding  
               for the services specified in this bill. Supporters of the  
               bill assert that given that family child care providers of  
               independent small businesses that do not otherwise have an  
               infrastructure of support, promoting awareness of FCCHENs  
               that provide a structure for professional development  
               support and resources would help build quality care in  
               family child care home settings. 

          4)   Related legislation. SB 1154 (Liu, 2016) updates, clarifies  
               and codifies the duties and responsibilities of child care  
               resource and referral programs (R&R).  R&Rs provide  
               information and services related to child care to all  
               parents regardless of income and to all providers. This  
               bill similarly clarifies and codifies the duties and  
               responsibilities of family child care home education  
               network (FCCHEN) of which provide information and services  
               specifically to family home child care providers and  
               contractors. SB 1154 was approved by this committee 8-1 and  
               held in the Senate Appropriations Committee. 
          California Child Development Administration Association 
          Central Valley Children's Services Network
          Child Care Alliance Los Angeles 
          Child Care Resource Center 
          Child Development Resources 
          Children Now
          Children's Council San Francisco 
          Common Sense Kids Action 
          First 5 California 
          Northern California Association of Family Child Care Home  
          Education Networks
          Northern Director's Group
          The Resource Connection
          Wu Yee Children's Services 


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