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                                                                       AB 643

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          643 (Nazarian)

          As Amended  April 8, 2015

          Majority vote

          |Committee       |Votes |Ayes                    |Noes               |
          |Transportation  |15-0  |Frazier, Achadjian,     |                   |
          |                |      |Baker, Bloom, Campos,   |                   |
          |                |      |Chu, Daly, Dodd,        |                   |
          |                |      |Eduardo Garcia, Kim,    |                   |
          |                |      |Linder, Medina,         |                   |
          |                |      |Melendez, Nazarian,     |                   |
          |                |      |O'Donnell               |                   |
          |                |      |                        |                   |
          |Aging           |7-0   |Brown, Hadley, Gipson,  |                   |
          |                |      |Gray, Levine, Lopez,    |                   |
          |                |      |Mathis                  |                   |
          |                |      |                        |                   |
          |Appropriations  |17-0  |Gomez, Bigelow, Bloom,  |                   |
          |                |      |Bonta, Calderon, Chang, |                   |
          |                |      |Daly, Eggman,           |                   |
          |                |      |Gallagher, Eduardo      |                   |
          |                |      |Garcia, Holden, Jones,  |                   |
          |                |      |Quirk, Rendon, Wagner,  |                   |
          |                |      |Weber, Wood             |                   |


                                                                       AB 643

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          SUMMARY:  Authorizes the use of changeable message signs to  
          disseminate information regarding a Silver Alert if law  
          enforcement determines that a vehicle may be involved in the  
          incident and if specific vehicle information is available.  

          EXISTING LAW:  

          1)Establishes a Silver Alert notification system, designed to  
            issue and coordinate alerts if a person that is age 65 years or  
            older, developmentally disabled, or cognitively impaired is  
            missing and if the following conditions have been met:
             a)   A law enforcement agency has used all available local  
               resources to locate the missing person;
             b)   The missing person is believed to be in danger because of,  
               for example, health or weather conditions; and

             c)   It has been determined that the public dissemination of  
               information may lead to a safe recovery of the missing  

          2)Directs California Highway Patrol (CHP), upon activation of a  
            Silver Alert, to issue a be-on-the-lookout alert, an Emergency  
            Digital Information Service message, or and electronic flyer.
          FISCAL EFFECT:  According to the Assembly Appropriations  
          Committee, "Any additional costs to the CHP will be minor and  

          COMMENTS:  AB 415 (Runner), Chapter 517, Statutes of 2002, created  
          California's Amber Alert program and authorized law enforcement  
          agencies to use the national Emergency Alert System (EAS) to  
          disseminate relevant child abduction information.  


                                                                       AB 643

                                                                      Page  3

          Following on the success of the Amber Alert program, the Blue  
          Alert and the Silver Alert programs were developed.  The Blue  
          Alert program, established by SB 839 (Runner), Chapter 311,  
          Statutes of 2010, also uses the EAS to provide for public  
          notification when a law enforcement officer has been attacked.   
          The Silver Alert program, originally established by SB 1047  
          (Alquist), Chapter 651, Statutes of 2012, provides for public  
          notification when a person who is age 65 years or older,  
          developmentally disabled, or cognitively impaired is missing.  

          The Silver Alert program differs notably from the Amber Alert and  
          Blue Alert programs.  In the event a Silver Alert is issued, the  
          CHP may use any of the following resources:

          a)Be-On-The-Lookout (BOLO):  These announcements are broadcast by  
            CHP communication centers to CHP personnel located in the  
            affected areas.  BOLOs contain suspect, victim, and vehicle  
            information, if available.
          b)Emergency Digital Information Service:  This service provides  
            local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with a direct  
            computer link to media outlets and other law enforcement  

          c)APBnet:  This is an image-based system operated a by non-profit  
            organization and links state, county, and local law enforcement.  
             The system captures and immediately distributes color  
            photographs and images to law enforcement agencies, the media,  
            and other organizations. 

          Existing law does not authorize use of the EAS or changeable  
          message signs for Silver Alerts. 

          California has 790 changeable message signs on state highways that  
          are governed by both federal and California regulations.  These  


                                                                       AB 643

                                                                      Page  4

          regulations generally limit the use of changeable message signs to  
          traffic operations, regulatory, warning and guidance information.   
          Additionally, the signs are used for Amber Alerts and Blue Alerts.

          The author has introduced this measure to improve the  
          effectiveness of the Silver Alert program.  He notes that  
          Californians drive over 300 billion miles annually and,  
          consequently, have frequent exposure to changeable message signs,  
          primarily along the state's freeway corridors.  In authorizing the  
          use of these changeable message signs to disseminate information  
          regarding Silver Alerts, the author hopes this exposure will lead  
          to the safe return of missing persons.

          Please see the policy committee analysis for full discussion of  
          this bill.

          Analysis Prepared by:                                               
                          Janet Dawson / TRANS. / (916) 319-2093  FN: