BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                             SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE
                         Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Chair
                             2015-2016  Regular  Session

          AB 731 (Gallagher)
          Version: July 2, 2015
          Hearing Date: July 14, 2015
          Fiscal: No
          Urgency: No

                              Maintenance of the codes


          This bill would make numerous technical changes in the  
          California codes that have been recommended by the Office of  
          Legislative Counsel.  The proposed changes would not make any  
          substantive change in the law.


          Each year, the Office of Legislative Counsel identifies  
          grammatical errors and other errors of a technical nature that  
          have been inadvertently enacted into statutory law.  The annual  
          "Maintenance of the Codes" bill is the vehicle for implementing  
          these wholesale corrections.  In order to be included in the  
          measure, the change must be technical only and may not affect or  
          enact substantive law.  Any proposed change that is identified  
          as having a substantive change is automatically deleted from the  

                                CHANGES TO EXISTING LAW
          1.   Commitment to delete any substantive provision
          A condition for inclusion in the annual code maintenance bill is  


          AB 731 (Gallagher)
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          that the change must be nonsubstantive.  Consequently, any  
          provision that is identified as making a substantive law change  
          has been or will be deleted by the Office of Legislative  

          2.   "All-purpose" yielding clause avoids double jointing  
          Proposed Section 644 on page 970 of this bill provides that any  
          other bill enacted by the Legislature during the 2015 calendar  
          year that takes effect on or before January 1, 2016, and that  
          amends, amends and renumbers, adds, repeals and adds, or repeals  
          a section that is amended, amended and renumbered, added,  
          repealed and added, or repealed by this act, shall prevail over  
          the provisions of this bill.  This "all-purpose" yielding clause  
          avoids any double jointing problems that might otherwise occur.

           Support  :  None Known

           Opposition  :  None Known

           Source  :  Office of Legislative Counsel 

           Related Pending Legislation  :  None Known

           Prior Legislation  :  Annual Maintenance of the Code bills

           Prior Vote  :

          Assembly Floor (Ayes 79, Noes 0)
          Assembly Judiciary Committee (Ayes 10, Noes 0)



          AB 731 (Gallagher)
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