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                                                                     AB 751

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          Date of Hearing:  April 15, 2015


                                Henry T. Perea, Chair

          AB 751  
          (Cooper) - As Introduced February 25, 2015

          SUBJECT:  Vertebrate pest control research:  repeal extension.

          SUMMARY:   Extends the Vertebrate Pest Control Research (VPCR)  
          Program and Advisory Committee until January 1, 2026.  

          EXISTING LAW:  

          1)Requires the California Department of Food and Agriculture  
            (CDFA) to establish and administer a research program to  
            control vertebrate pests, as specified. 

          2)Requires CDFA to establish the VPCR Advisory Committee, and  
            requires the Advisory Committee to make recommendations to  
            CFDA regarding VPRC each year. 

          3)Requires each county agricultural commissioner to pay a  


                                                                     AB 751

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            specified fee to CDFA based on the amount of vertebrate pest  
            control material sold, distributed, or applied in the county. 

          4)Establishes the VPCR Account in the CDFA Fund, and  
            continuously appropriates the funds in the account for  
            purposes of carrying out the provisions relating to VPRC. 

          5)Repeals all of the provisions specified above on January 1,  

          FISCAL EFFECT:  Unknown.  This bill has been keyed fiscal by  
          Legislative Counsel. 

          COMMENTS:  The VPCR Program was established in 1990, in response  
          to changes by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  
          that relate to the requirements of manufacturers of rodenticides  
          and similar products.  The manufacturers concluded that they  
          could not recover the cost for development of such data and  
          dropped the registration of the products.  CDFA recognized that  
          there was a need for such products and developed an oversight  
          and fiscal structure to support the research and funding of data  
          requirements for EPA, thereby creating this research program.   
          The VPCR law was updated in 2005 to provide a more defined scope  
          for this research program, as well as, better parameters on how  
          the funds are used.  CDFA, upon recommendation from the VPCR  
          Advisory Committee, may charge up to one dollar per pound of  
          vertebrate pest control material sold, distributed, or applied. 

          The VPCR program focuses on finding safer alternative methods to  


                                                                     AB 751

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          control pest.  The research is funded with the sale of  
          rodenticides, which has helped develop or improve control of  
          vertebrate pests. The program raises and spends an average of  
          roughly $480,000 per year.  The author states that without this  
          program, CDFA loses the authority to register rodenticides and  
          could cause the rodenticides to be unavailable to the public.

          The sunset to these provisions has been extended three times, in  
          1995, 2000 and 2005.  This bill will extend the VPCR Program and  
          Advisory Committee until 2026.  


          The Committee may wish to consider the policy of extending the  
          sunset ten years versus eliminating the sunset.  If the VPCR  
          program has benefited the affected parties and there is no  
          controversy regarding the structure, eliminating the sunset  
          could provide more stability to long term research projects.



          California Farm Bureau Federation

          California Fresh Fruit Association


                                                                     AB 751

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          California Alfalfa & Forage Association


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