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                                                                     AB 862

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          862 (Committee on Agriculture)

          As Amended  June 25, 2015

          Majority vote

          |ASSEMBLY:  | 74-0 | (May 22,      |SENATE: |38-0  |(August 20,      |
          |           |      |2015)          |        |      |2015)            |
          |           |      |               |        |      |                 |
          |           |      |               |        |      |                 |

          Original Committee Reference:  AGRI.

          SUMMARY:  Makes clarifying and substantive changes to the Food  
          and Agricultural Code (FAC) in regard to citrus pest and disease  
          prevention expenditure reimbursements and would add "cultivated  
          mushrooms" and "herbs" to the list of products that cannot be  
          sold in areas in proximity to a Certified Farmers' Market (CFM).  
           This bill makes other technical changes.

          The Senate amendments add language from AB 1135 (Perea) of the  
          current legislative session, that was heard and approved by the  
          Assembly Agriculture Committee.

          FISCAL EFFECT:  According to the Senate Appropriations  
          Committee, pursuant to Senate Rule 28.8, negligible state costs.

          COMMENTS:  This is the Assembly Agriculture Committee's Omnibus  


                                                                     AB 862

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          bill to make corrections and provide clarifications to the codes  
          on agricultural matters.  The provisions of this measure are  
          non-controversial, have no opposition, and have been vetted with  
          the appropriate agencies and industry groups.

          SB 1018 (De León), Chapter 924, Statutes of 2014, specified that  
          only reasonable, rather than all, expenditures incurred by the  
          California Department of  Food and Agriculture (CDFA), be  
          reimbursed from the Citrus Disease Management Account for  
          responsibilities related to the Citrus Pest and Disease  
          Prevention Program.  This bill changes this restriction so that  
          all program costs may be reimbursed to CDFA.

          AB 1871 (Dickinson), Chapter 579, Statutes of 2014, rewrote and  
          updated the provisions for CFMs, increased the fees, expanded  
          the violations, strengthened enforcement and restricted the sale  
          of agricultural products in ancillary markets adjacent to a CFM,  
          all at the request of CFM managers and participating farmers.   
          In reviewing this statute, it was discovered that there were  
          errors in the language, which this bill corrects.  Cultivated  
          mushrooms and herbs were omitted as prohibited agricultural  
          products for sale in non-CFMs, and the registration process for  
          certifying a farmer was missing the oversight of the county  
          agricultural commissioners.

          This bill also makes technical and clarifying corrections to  

          Analysis Prepared by:                                             
          Jim Collin / AGRI. / (916) 319-2084  FN: 0001451


                                                                     AB 862

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