California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly BillNo. 995

Introduced by Assembly Member Bigelow

February 26, 2015

An act to amend Section 36101 of the Vehicle Code, relating to farm vehicles.


AB 995, as introduced, Bigelow. Farm vehicles: registration exemptions.

Existing law exempts specified farm vehicles from registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles if the vehicles have, and display, an identification plate, including a cotton module mover and a vehicle equipped with a water tank that is owned by a farmer and used exclusively to service his or her own implements of husbandry.

This bill would make technical, nonsubstantive changes to these provisions.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: no. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P1    1


Section 36101 of the Vehicle Code is amended
2to read:



The following farm vehicles are exempt from
4registration, if they have and display an identification plate as
5specified in Sectionbegin delete 5014, and the vehiclesend deletebegin insert 5014. These vehicles
6alsoend insert
shall not be deemed to be implements ofbegin delete husbandryend deletebegin insert husbandry,end insert
P2    1 and they shall be subject to all equipment and device requirements
2as if registered:

3(a) A motor vehicle of a size so as to require a permit under
4Sectionbegin delete 35780end deletebegin insert 35780,end insert owned and operated by a farmer, designed
5and used exclusively for carrying, or returning empty from
6carrying, feed and seed products of farming, and used on a highway
7between one part of a farm to another part of that farm or from
8one farm to another farm.

9(b) A vehicle equipped with a water tank owned by a farmer
10and used exclusively to service his or her own implements of

12(c) A water tank truck that is owned by a farmer, not operated
13for compensation, and used extensively in the conduct of
14agricultural operations, when used exclusively (1) for sprinkling
15water on dirt roads providing access to agricultural fields or (2)
16transportation of water for irrigation of crops or trees.

17(d) (1) A cotton module mover, as defined in Section 36012.

18(2) In order to maintain the exemption from registration granted
19under this subdivision for a truck tractor, when combined with a
20semitrailer, the owner of that truck tractor shall not operate it during
21the exemption period in any manner other than as a cotton module
22mover, as defined in Section 36012, and shall do all of the

24(A) Register the vehicle with the department before operating
25it as a commercial motor vehicle.

26(B) Apply to the department on a yearly basis for any renewal
27of the exemption from registration.

28(3) Exemption from registration under this subdivision does not
29exempt a truck tractor, when combined with a semitrailer, operating
30as a cotton module mover pursuant to Section 36012 and this
31subdivision from the applicable safety requirements of this code
32or any regulation adopted pursuant to any statute, including, but
33not limited to, equipment standards, driver licensing requirements,
34maximum driving and on-duty hours provisions, log book
35requirements, drug and alcohol testing, maintenance of vehicles,
36and any driver or vehicle standards specified in Division 14.8
37(commencing with Section 34500).

38(4) Truck tractors exempt from registration under this
39subdivision are subject to the fees imposed under Sections 9250,
409250.8, and 9250.13, and to any other vehicle fees that are imposed
P3    1by statute on or after January 1, 1998, that are deposited in the
2Motor Vehicle Account.

3(e) A trailer that is equipped with a plenum chamber for the
4drying of agricultural commodities.

5(f) Except as provided in subdivision (j) of Section 36005, a
6trap wagon, as defined in Section 36016, that is equipped with a
7fuel tank or tanks. The fuel tank or tanks shall not exceed 3,000
8gallons total capacity.

9(g) A forklift truck, operated by a farmer not for compensation.
10For purposes of this section, a hay-squeeze shall be deemed a

12(h) begin insert(1)end insertbegin insertend insertA truck tractor or truck tractor and semitrailer
13combination specified in this subdivision that is owned by a farmer
14and operated on the highways only incidental to a farming
15operation and not for compensation. This subdivision applies only
16to truck tractors with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating
17over 10,000 pounds that are equipped with all-wheel drive and
18off-highway traction tires on all wheels, and only to semitrailers
19used in combination with that truck tractor and exclusively in the
20production or harvesting of melons. The vehicles specified in this
21subdivision shall not be operated in excess of 25 miles per hour
22on the highways.

begin delete


end delete

24begin insert (2)end insertbegin insertend insertbegin insertThe end insertCommissioner of the California Highway Patrol may,
25by regulation, prohibit the vehicles specified in this subdivision
26from operating on specific routes. These vehicles shall not be
27operated laden on the highway for more than two miles from the
28point of origin and shall not be operated for more than 30 miles
29unladen on the highway from the point of origin. These vehicles
30shall not be operated for more than 15 miles unladen on the
31highway from the point of origin, unless accompanied by an escort
32vehicle to the front, and an escort vehicle to the rear.

33(i) begin insert(1)end insertbegin insertend insertA motor vehicle specifically designed for, and used
34exclusively in, an agricultural operation for purposes of carrying,
35or returning empty from carrying, silage that is operated by a
36farmer, an employee of the farmer, or a contracted employee of
37the farmer between one part of a farm to another part of that farm
38or from one farm to another farm, on a highway for a distance not
39to exceed 20 miles from the point of origin of the trip. This
P4    1subdivision does not include a vehicle that is used for the
2transportation of silage for retail sales.

begin delete

3 For

end delete

4begin insert(2)end insertbegin insertend insertbegin insertForend insert the purposes of this subdivision, “silage” includes field
5corn, sorghum, grass, legumes, cereals, or cereal mixes, either
6green or mature, converted into feed for livestock.