VETOED	DATE: 10/11/2015

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 1347 without my signature.

This bill creates, for three years, a new dispute resolution process
under which contractors could seek public agency review of claims
that arise during public works projects.

Contractors who perform work for public agencies should be paid
promptly. Swift resolution of payment disputes is in the best
interest of contractors, workers, and the public agencies that are
charged with efficiently managing taxpayer funds.  I'm not convinced,
however, that the procedures contemplated by this bill are an
improvement over current law.

I am committed, however, to ensuring timely payment for work ordered
by public agencies. In the interest of furthering that goal I am
directing my departments to immediately work with industry partners
and the proponents of this bill on ways of improving our prompt
payment policies.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.