BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                              Senator Isadore Hall, III
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:           AB 1348          Hearing Date:    5/10/2016
          |Author:    |Irwin                                                |
          |Version:   |1/14/2016    Amended                                 |
          |Urgency:   |No                     |Fiscal:      |Yes             |
          |Consultant:|Arthur Terzakis                                      |
          |           |                                                     |

          SUBJECT: State Clearinghouse

            DIGEST:    This bill establishes the federal grant administrator  
          within the State Clearinghouse, under the Governor's Office of  
          Planning and Research (OPR), to serve as the state's primary  
          point of contact for information on federal grants related to  
          community, economic and local development.  This bill also  
          requires the federal grant administrator to annually prepare a  
          summary of his or her activities, including total federal grants  
          received by the state, local governments and school districts,  
          as specified.

          Existing law requires the State Clearinghouse, which is located  
          within OPR, to serve as the 'State Single Point of Contact' for  
          coordinating state and local review of certain federal community  
          development-related documents, pursuant to Presidential  
          Executive Order 12372.  In this capacity, the State  
          Clearinghouse coordinates the review of federal financial  
          assistance applications, federally required state plans, direct  
          federal development activities, and federal environmental  
          This bill:

          1)Creates the federal grant administrator, within the State  
            Clearinghouse, who is an individual designated by the Governor  


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            to serve as the state's primary point of contact for  
            information on federal grants related to community, economic  
            and local development.

          2)Authorizes the grant administrator to do the following: 

             a)   Work with state and local governments, nonprofits,  
               foundations, institutions of higher education, and other  
               interested parties on applying for and managing federal  

             b)   Support the establishment of a statewide network of  
               individuals who serve as point-of-contact for federal grant  

             c)   Provide, or facilitate the provision of, in-person and  
               online training to encourage and improve the ability to  
               pursue and manage federal grants.

             d)   Develop and maintain information on OPR's Internet Web  
               site related to new federal grant opportunities, grant  
               management best practices, and other resources to support  
               the ability of state and local governments and nonprofit  
               entities to apply and manage federal grants.

          3)Requires the grant administrator, starting on or before  
            January 1, 2018, to annually prepare a summary of federal  
            grant funding that tracks the following performance metrics: 

             a)   Number of federal grants awarded to the state in prior  
               and current years, as specified. 

             b)   Number of federal grant applications submitted for grant  

             c)   Total federal dollars received by the state, school  
               districts and local governments each year. 

             d)   Number of training sessions hosted, attendance at those  
               events and any other relevant information regarding federal  


          AB 1348 (Irwin)                                    Page 3 of ?
               grant activities within the state.  


          The author's office notes that grants are becoming an increasing  
          part of the federal government's process for advancing new  
          federal policies.  According to the federal Office of Management  
          and Budget, federal outlays for grants to state and local  
          governments increased from $91 billion in 1980 ($224 billion in  
          constant dollars) to approximately $546 billion in the 2013  
          federal fiscal year.  The federal government allocates  
          approximately $550 billion in federal grants to state and local  
          governments annually on the basis of formulas established by law  
          or through a competitive process for project grants.  For  
          competitive grants, policymakers choose a list of criteria that  
          guide evaluation and selection of applications.  Competitive  
          federal grants for purposes such as research, implementation of  
          education reforms, or transportation projects are a growing  
          share of the national economy.  The author's office contends  
          that California received over $66 billion in 2013 however that  
          sum is still below the national average for states according to  
          the National Conference of State Legislatures. 

          The author's office states that this bill provides the  
          coordinating functions necessary to manage and maximize federal  
          grant opportunities for the state and local governments.  The  
          author's office also points out that several states (e.g.,  
          Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Rhode Island) have  
          created a Federal Grant Office to maximize their state's federal  
          grant opportunities.  Additionally, the author's office  
          emphasizes that even small improvements in the cumbersome  
          process of identifying, tracking, applying and competing, and  
          spending federal grant dollars can mean large returns for  

          FISCAL EFFECT:                 Appropriation:  No    Fiscal  
          Com.:             Yes          Local:          No


          California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce
          League of California Cities



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