Amended in Senate August 1, 2016

Amended in Senate June 21, 2016

Amended in Assembly January 13, 2016

Amended in Assembly January 4, 2016

Amended in Assembly April 16, 2015

California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly BillNo. 1500

Introduced by Assembly Member Atkins

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(Coauthor: Assembly Member Maienschein)

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February 27, 2015

An act to amend Section 375 of the Streets and Highways Code, relating to state highways.


AB 1500, as amended, Atkins. State highways: relinquishment: Route 75.

Existing law gives the Department of Transportation full possession and control of all state highways. Existing law describes the authorized routes in the state highway system and establishes a process for adoption of a highway on an authorized route by the California Transportation Commission. Existing law authorizes the commission to relinquish to local agencies state highway segments that have been deleted from the state highway system by legislative enactment or have been superseded by relocation, and in certain other cases.

This bill would authorize the commission to relinquish to the Cities of Imperial Beach and San Diego specified portions of Route 75, under certain conditions.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P2    1


Section 375 of the Streets and Highways Code
2 is amended to read:



(a) Route 75 is from Route 5 to Route 5 via the Silver
4Strand and the San Diego-Coronado Toll Bridge.

5(b) Upon a determination by the commission that it is in the
6best interests of the state to do so, the commission may, upon terms
7and conditions approved by it, relinquish portions of Route 75, if
8the department and the applicable local agency enter into an
9agreement providing for that relinquishment, as follows:

10(1) To the City of Imperial Beach, the portions of Route 75
11within its city limits.

12(2) To the City of San Diego, the portions of Route 75 within
13its city limits.

14(c) The following conditions apply upon relinquishment:

15(1) The relinquishment shall become effective on the date
16following the county recorder’s recordation of the relinquishment
17resolution containing the commission’s approval of the terms and
18conditions of the relinquishment.

19(2) On and after the effective date of the relinquishment, the
20relinquished portions of Route 75 shall cease to be a state highway.

21(3) The portions of Route 75 relinquished under subdivision (b)
22and this subdivision shall be ineligible for future adoption under
23Section 81.

24(4) The Cities of Imperial Beach and San Diego shall ensure
25the continuity of traffic flow on the relinquished portions of Route
2675, including any traffic signal progression.

27(5) For the portions of Route 75 relinquished under subdivision
28(b) and this subdivision, the Cities of Imperial Beach and San
29Diego shall install and maintain, within their respective
P3    1jurisdictions, signs directing motorists to the continuation of Route
2begin delete 75end deletebegin insert 75,end insert to the extent deemed necessary by the department.