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                             Senator Fran Pavley, Chair
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:            AB 1528         Hearing Date:    June 23,  
          |Author:    |Committee on Water,    |           |                 |
          |           |Parks, and Wildlife    |           |                 |
          |Version:   |March 18, 2015    Introduced                         |
          |Urgency:   |No                     |Fiscal:    |No               |
          |Consultant:|Katharine Moore                                      |
          |           |                                                     |
                             Subject:  Public resources.

          The precursor to the Division of Boating and Waterways  
          (division) was established in 1957 to regulate the operation of  
          vessels in the state's inland and coastal waterways.  While  
          generally retaining its jurisdiction, the division has evolved  
          over time and, as of July 1, 2013, became a division within the  
          Department of Parks and Recreation.

          Existing law also renamed the Department of Fish and Game as the  
          Department of Fish and Wildlife.

          Existing law establishes and designates a number of official  
          state emblems, including but not limited to, a state flower,  
          tree, butterfly, reptile, amphibian, animal, fish, rock, grass,  
          mineral, gemstone, marine mammal, fossil, and prehistoric  

          Lichens are unique organisms that consist of both a fungus and  
          an algae living together in a symbiotic relationship. The Lace  
          Lichen, Ramalina menziesii, is native to California and commonly  
          found throughout much of the state.  It is considered to be  
          beautiful. Currently, the state does not designate a state  
          lichen, but does have a number of other official state emblems,  
          as noted above.


          AB 1528 (Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife)                 
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          PROPOSED LAW
          This bill would (1) establish the lace lichen as the official  
          state lichen with supporting legislative findings, and (2) make  
          numerous technical and clarifying corrections to the Public  
          Resources Code, including deleting obsolete provisions and  
          updating references to, for example, the Department of Fish and  
          Wildlife and the division, among others, to reflect current law.
          According to the Assembly Committee chair, "AB 1528 would  
          correct out-of-date references to the prior Department of  
          Boating and Waterways in the Public Resources Code and eliminate  
          other obsolete code provisions."

          "This bill, in naming the Lace Lichen as the official state  
          lichen will also help to promote appreciation, education and  
          study of lichens, and the important role they play in our  
          natural environment.  The Lace Lichen is a good representative  
          of the lichen family for being named the state lichen because it  
          is a beautiful native lichen that is commonly found throughout  
          much of California."

          "Lichens are excellent examples of symbiosis in nature, in which  
          two organisms are dependent on each other. [?] Lichens are  
          important for both wildlife and people.  A variety of animals  
          rely on lichens as a food source. Lichens also have  
          anti-bacterial properties and have been used medicinally for  
          thousands of years. Lichens live in many diverse types of  
          environments and are very adaptable. They are also actively  
          being used as biological indicators of air quality and climate  
          change around the world including in California."

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          California Lichen Society

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          AB 1528 (Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife)                 
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