BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                              Senator Isadore Hall, III
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:           AB 2247          Hearing Date:    6/14/2016
          |Author:    |Williams                                             |
          |Version:   |4/14/2016    Amended                                 |
          |Urgency:   |No                     |Fiscal:      |Yes             |
          |Consultant:|Felipe Lopez                                         |
          |           |                                                     |

          SUBJECT: Armories

            DIGEST:    This bill requires the Director of the Department of  
          General Services (DGS) to grant the City of Santa Barbara or the  
          Santa Barbara Unified School District an option to purchase the  
          Santa Barbara Armory, as specified. 

          Existing law:
          1)Authorizes DGS, with the approval of the Adjutant General, to  
            lease and sell real property held for armory purposes, subject  
            to legislative approval. 

          2)Authorizes DGS with the approval of the Adjutant General to  
            sell, for fair market value, the Santa Barbara Armory.

          3)Establishes the Armory Fund and requires that the net proceeds  
            from the sale or lease of armories be deposited into the fund,  
            for use, upon appropriation by the Legislature, for specified  
            purposes related to armories. 

          This bill:

          1)Requires DGS, with approval of the Adjutant General, to grant  
            the City of Santa Barbara or the Santa Barbara Unified School  
            District an option to purchase the Santa Barbara Armory. 


          AB 2247 (Williams)                                 Page 2 of ?

          2)Provides that the option expires on July, 2017, at which time  
            the Director of DGS shall offer the armory for sale on the  
            open market. 

          3)Specifies that any purchase agreement shall include terms and  
            conditions determined by DGS to be in the best interest of the  
            state based on the fair market value of the armory, based on  
            the zoning as it existed on March 1, 2016, as determined by an  
            appraisal undertaken and approved by DGS.

          4)Defines "Santa Barbara Armory" to mean the approximately 4.7  
            acres of real property with approximately 27,000 square foot  
            armory building and ancillary improvements made thereon,  
            located at 700 E. Canon Perdido Street, Santa Barbara,  


          Purpose of the bill.  According to the author, "local  
          acquisition of the National Guard Armory has long been sought by  
          the Santa Barbara Unified School District.  Its location on  
          Santa Barbara's east side makes it an ideal site for school,  
          educational, and recreational programs.  As an educational  
          facility, the National Guard Armory would add much to the Santa  
          Barbara Community.  The possibilities are endless as to the  
          programs that could be created and the greater interaction  
          between the two schools.  Many other community and civic  
          facilities are immediately adjacent to or near the Armory,  
          including Boys and Girls Club, Ortega Park, and Girls Inc."

          Santa Barbara Armory.  The Santa Barbara National Guard Armory  
          is located immediately between, and adjacent to, Santa Barbara  
          High School and Santa Barbara Junior High School, in Downtown  
          Santa Barbara.  In 1945, the Santa Barbara Armory was acquired  
          by the National Guard from the community of Santa Barbara.  

          The author states that, "long time Santa Barbara residents often  
          speak about the Armory's use for community dances, concerts, and  
          movie screenings in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s."  Since the  
          mid-1960s, the Armory has not been used by the National Guard or  
          community.  As a result, the Armory's maintenance has fallen  

          California's Armories. According to the Military Department,  


          AB 2247 (Williams)                                 Page 3 of ?
          California has approximately 100 active armory sites throughout  
          the state.  Armories are the primary place for unit training and  
          are integral to the readiness and responsiveness of National  
          Guard personnel.  

          The use of armories for emergency operations is common.   
          Armories are routinely used to mobilize and house soldiers when  
          the Guard responds to wildfires, while also serving as emergency  
          operations centers for other first-responder agencies.  Armories  
          are also commonly used as shelters for displaced civilians who  
          have been evacuated from their homes due to fires, floods or  
          other state emergencies.  Several armories throughout the state  
          routinely serve as homeless shelters during the winter months.

          Under the traditional model, the federal government (through the  
          U.S. National Guard Bureau) pays for 75% of an armory's  
          construction costs and the state pays the remaining 25% and  
          contributes the land.  After construction, the state manages the  
          armory and pays for all operational and maintenance repairs.   
          After 25 years, the federal government fully transfers all  
          ownership rights to the state.

          Prior/Related Legislation
          SB 536 (Roth, Chapter 355, Statutes of 2015) authorized, among  
          other thing, the sale of seven specific armories, including the  
          Santa Barbara Armory.

          SB 1580 (Governmental Organization, Chapter 798, Statutes of  
          2012) authorized DGS to sell specified armories. 

          SB 1167 (Cogdill, Chapter 324, Statutes of 2010) authorized DGS  
          to dispose of all or any portion of two specified properties.

          SB 1481 (Governmental Organization, Chapter 528, Statutes of  
          2010) required that the proceeds from the sale of armories must  
          be deposited in the Armory Fund and are not required to be used  
          to retire bond debt resulting from the 2004 Economic Recovery  
          Bond Act. 

          SB 136 (Huff, Chapter 166, Statutes of 2009) authorized DGS to  
          dispose of all or any portion of three parcels of real property.  

          AB 600 (Hall, 2009) would have authorized DGS to lease the  


          AB 2247 (Williams)                                 Page 4 of ?
          Compton Armory to the City of Compton at fair market value for a  
          period not to exceed five years, with an option to extend the  
          lease to 25 years.  (Vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger)

          FISCAL EFFECT:                 Appropriation:  No    Fiscal  
          Com.:             Yes          Local:          No


          City of Santa Barbara
          Santa Barbara Unified School District


          None received

          ARGUMENTS IN SUPPORT:    According to the City of Santa Barbara,  
          "the purchase of the Armory property by the City of Santa  
          Barbara and the Santa Barbara Unified School District will allow  
          the city and the school district to achieve a number of  
          community priorities given the size of the property and  
          proximity to the adjacent senior and junior high schools."