California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly BillNo. 2510

Introduced by Assembly Member Linder

February 19, 2016

An act to amend Section 26175 of the Penal Code, relating to firearms.


AB 2510, as introduced, Linder. Firearms: license to carry concealed: uniform license.

Existing law authorizes the sheriff of a county or a chief or other head of a municipal police department of a city or a city and county to issue a license to carry a concealed firearm upon proof that the person applying for the license is of good moral character, that good cause exists for the issuance, that the applicant satisfies specified residency requirements, and that the applicant has completed a course of specified training.

Existing law requires that licenses and applications for licenses be uniform throughout the state, and to be submitted upon forms prescribed by the Attorney General.

This bill would require the Attorney General to develop a uniform license that may be used as indicia of proof of licensure throughout the state. The bill would require the Attorney General to approve the use of licenses issued by local agencies if they contain specified information and a recent photograph of the applicant. The bill would require the Attorney General to retain exemplars of approved licenses and maintain a list of agencies issuing local licenses.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P2    1


Section 26175 of the Penal Code is amended to



(a) (1) Applications for licensesbegin delete, applications for
4amendments to licenses, amendments to licenses, and licensesend delete
begin insert and
5applications for amendments to licensesend insert
under this article shall be
6uniform throughout the state, upon forms to be prescribed by the
7Attorney General.

8(2) The Attorney General shall convene a committee composed
9of one representative of the California State Sheriffs’ Association,
10one representative of the California Police Chiefs Association, and
11one representative of the Department of Justice to review, andbegin insert,end insert as
12deemed appropriate, revise the standard application form for
13licenses. The committee shall meet for this purpose if two of the
14committee’s members deem that necessary.

begin insert

15(3) (A) The Attorney General shall develop a uniform license
16that may be used as indicia of proof of licensure throughout the

end insert
begin insert

18(B) The Attorney General shall approve the use of licenses
19issued by local agencies provided that the licenses contain all the
20information required in subdivision (i) and a recent photograph
21of the applicant. The Attorney General shall retain exemplars of
22approved licenses and shall maintain a list of agencies issuing
23local licenses. Approved licenses may be used as indicia of proof
24of licensure under this chapter in lieu of the uniform license
25developed by the Attorney General.

end insert

26(b) The application shall include a section summarizing the
27statutory provisions of state law that result in the automatic denial
28of a license.

29(c) The standard application form for licenses described in
30subdivision (a) shall require information from the applicant,
31including, but not limited to, the name, occupation, residence, and
32business address of the applicant, the applicant’s age, height,
33weight, color of eyes and hair, and reason for desiring a license to
34carry the weapon.

35(d) Applications for licenses shall be filed in writing and signed
36by the applicant.

37(e) Applications for amendments to licenses shall be filed in
38writing and signed by the applicant, and shall state what type of
P3    1amendment is sought pursuant to Section 26215 and the reason
2for desiring the amendment.

3(f) The forms shall contain a provision whereby the applicant
4attests to the truth of statements contained in the application.

5(g) An applicant shall not be required to complete any additional
6application or form for a license, or to provide any information
7other than that necessary to complete the standard application form
8described in subdivision (a), except to clarify or interpret
9information provided by the applicant on the standard application

11(h) The standard application form described in subdivision (a)
12is deemed to be a local form expressly exempt from the
13requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 3.5
14(commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title
152 of the Government Code).

16(i) Any license issued upon the application shall set forth the
17licensee’s name, occupation, residence and business address, the
18licensee’s age, height, weight, color of eyes and hair, and the reason
19for desiring a license to carry the weapon, and shall, in addition,
20contain a description of the weapon or weapons authorized to be
21carried, giving the name of the manufacturer, the serial number,
22and the caliber. The license issued to the licensee may be