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          Date of Hearing:   May 28, 2015

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES

                                Richard Gordon, Chair

          43 (Galgiani) - As Introduced April 20, 2015

          SENATE VOTE:  35-0

          SUBJECT:  Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Denim Day California.

          SUMMARY:  Designates the month of April 2015 as Sexual Assault  
          Awareness Month; recognizes April 29, 2015 as Denim Day  
          California; and, encourages everyone to wear jeans on that day  
          to help communicate the message that there is no excuse for, and  
          never an invitation to commit rape.  Specifically, this  
          resolution makes the following legislative findings:

          1)In 2012, California rape crisis centers provided direct crisis  
            intervention services to 30,490 individuals, provided 6,782  
            sexual assault forensic examinations, and provided community  
            education services for almost 133,000 people.

          2)The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey  
            reports that there are more than 22 million survivors of rape  
            in the United States; and, 2 million of those survivors live  
            in California impacting women, children, and men of all racial  
            and economic backgrounds.

          3)Denim Day has been designated to bring awareness about rape  


                                                                     SCR 43

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            and sexual assault; and, rape prevention and education efforts  
            are underway in California to challenge the societal myths and  
            behaviors that perpetuate rape and to engage communities in a  
            common goal of ending sexual assault.

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          Analysis Prepared by:Nicole Willis / RLS. / (916)  


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