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          Date of Hearing:   July 9, 2015

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES

                                Richard Gordon, Chair

          7 (Fuller) - As Introduced January 13, 2015

          SENATE VOTE:  38-0

          SUBJECT:  Valley Fever Awareness Month.

          SUMMARY:  Declares August 2015 as Valley Fever Awareness Month.   
          Specifically, this bill:  makes the following legislative  

          1)Valley Fever (coccidiodomycosis), a progressive, multisymptom,  
            respiratory disorder, is a debilitating disease that attacks  
            the respiratory system causing infection that can lead to  
            systems that resemble a cold, flu, or pneumonia.

          2)When left untreated or mistreated, serious symptoms of Valley  
            Fever appear including pneumonia and labored breathing;  
            therefore, treatment must be prompt with antifungal drugs or  
            the disease can be devastating and even fatal.

          3)Valley Fever affects primarily people with lowered immune  
            systems, and is caused by inhalation of tiny airborne fungi  
            that live in soil but are released into the air by  
            disturbances such as wind.


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          4)In the last 10 years, infection rates in California and  
            Arizona have risen 400 percent; and, in California, the  
            disease is found in portions of the Sacramento Valley, the San  
            Joaquin Valley, desert regions, and portions of southern  

          5)There still remains no known cure for the disease; however,  
            researchers believe they are getting closer to finding a  
          FISCAL EFFECT:  None



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          Analysis Prepared by:Nicole Willis / RLS. / (916)  


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