Senate ResolutionNo. 39

Introduced by Senators Hall, De León, Galgiani, Glazer, Hueso, Jackson, Lara, Mendoza, Mitchell, and Pan

July 8, 2015

Senate Resolution No. 39—Relative to immigration.

P1    1WHEREAS, The United States of America was founded on the
2principles of liberty and justice, and these principles enshrined in
3our Declaration of Independence the self-evident truth that all
4persons are created equal; and

5WHEREAS, The United States was and continues to be built
6by people of all ethnic, racial, gender, religious, and socioeconomic
7backgrounds and is celebrated for its tolerance, diversity, and
8freedom; and

9WHEREAS, California is home to the largest population of
10immigrants in the United States whose contributions help to drive
11this state to be the most economically successful and prosperous
12in the nation; and

13WHEREAS, Immigrants continue to develop and expand
14businesses, innovate, strengthen our economy, and create jobs in
15California; and

16WHEREAS, A study by the University of California, Los
17Angeles, states that legalizing the status of undocumented
18immigrants working and living in the United States would create
19approximately $1.5 trillion in additional gross domestic product
20growth over the next 10 years and increase wages for all workers;

22WHEREAS, Immigrants fundamentally enrich the extraordinary
23character of our nation with their unique cultures, heritages, and
24experiences; and

P2    1WHEREAS, California’s short-term and long-term economic
2and social health, security, and prosperity require policies that
3allow individuals to become legal and enfranchised participants
4in our society and economy; and

5WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of California has officially
6recognized the value and importance of immigrants in California
7through the unanimous, bipartisan support of Senate Joint
8Resolution 2, and Senate Resolution 35; and

9WHEREAS, The California State Legislature has engaged in
10thoughtful, respectful discourse on immigration and other
11challenging issues, often uniting in bipartisan support and always
12respecting the diverse individual views and beliefs of the
13membership and of the people they represent; and

14WHEREAS, In 2015, the United States has experienced many
15historic changes promoting civil rights and progressive social
16change throughout the nation; and

17WHEREAS, In 2015, the United States has also experienced
18tragic events that remind us that more work is needed to achieve
19equality and justice for all persons; and

20WHEREAS, Recent events throughout the country have moved
21the nation to engage in meaningful public dialogue on issues
22including racial equality, gender equality, LGBT equality,
23immigration, and other civil rights; and

24WHEREAS, Negative, demonizing, and stereotypical rhetoric
25has no place in the national political discourse; and

26WHEREAS, Racist, hateful speech can incite severe and tragic
27consequences; and

28WHEREAS, Aspiring national leaders, in particular, have a
29responsibility to engage the public on immigration reform and
30other issues in a thoughtful and respectful way without disparaging
31or negatively stereotyping communities or individuals; and

32WHEREAS, Presidential candidates including Donald Trump
33and Ted Cruz have unfairly demonized and falsely blamed
34undocumented immigrant families for a range of problems and
35challenges facing the United States; and

36WHEREAS, Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently
37stated that, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending
38their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and
39they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs.
40They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,”; and

P3    1WHEREAS, Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has defended
2Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s racist remarks against
3immigrant families and people of Mexican descent; and

4WHEREAS, Presidential candidate Ted Cruz characterized
5United States immigration as “policies [that] have encouraged
6drug smugglers, child abusers, murderers, and other dangerous
7criminals”; now, therefore, be it

8Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, That the Senate
9condemns discrimination in any form on the basis of race, ethnicity,
10national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or
11disability; and be it further

12Resolved, That the Senate calls for an end to hate speech and
13racist rhetoric by all presidential candidates; and be it further

14Resolved, That the Senate condemns in the strongest terms
15possible the racist rhetoric against immigrant families made by
16Presidential candidate Ted Cruz; and be it further

17Resolved, That the Senate condemns in the strongest terms
18possible the racist rhetoric against immigrant families made by
19Presidential candidate Donald Trump; and be it further

20Resolved, That the Senate calls upon the State of California to
21divest from Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, and any
22affiliated entities; and be it further

23Resolved, That the Senate calls upon private businesses and
24individuals throughout California to end all business ties with
25Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, and any affiliated
26entities; and be it further

27Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of
28this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.