Senate Concurrent ResolutionNo. 146

Introduced by Senator McGuire

May 24, 2016

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 146—Relative to California Grown Flower Month.


SCR 146, as introduced, McGuire. California Grown Flower Month.

This measure would proclaim June 2016 as California Grown Flower Month to recognize and honor the men and women of the California grown flower industry for their dedication and productivity.

Fiscal committee: no.

P1    1WHEREAS, California’s flower industry dates back to the late
21870s when Theodosia B. Shepherd was inspired to sell calla lilies
3grown in her garden; and

4WHEREAS, The industry of selling grown flowers began to
5flourish and by the turn of the century most towns had at least one
6florist; and

7WHEREAS, In 1890, the Domoto family established California’s
8first commercial flower farm in Oakland; and

9WHEREAS, To this day, California still has a year-round climate
10that is perfect for growing hundreds of varieties of flowers; and

11WHEREAS, California flowers are grown across 701 million
12square feet spanning the distance from the City of San Diego,
13through the Inland Empire to the coastal City of Carpinteria, and
14up to the Oregon border; and

15WHEREAS, Arcata, California, is the largest producing region
16of fresh cut tulips in the United States and is recognized nationally
17for its lily and iris production, making Humboldt County a valuable
P2    1and important source of American Grown Flowers and local jobs;

3WHEREAS, Humboldt County is a large flower producer in
4California and is known for its ideal growing conditions for tulips,
5lilies, and iris and is also where the legendary Stargazer Lily was
6originally bred; and

7WHEREAS, California flower farmers account for
8approximately 80 percent of all domestically grown flowers in the
9United States; and

10WHEREAS, Approximately 50 percent of all California grown
11flowers are distributed to wholesale and retail customers outside
12of the state; and

13WHEREAS, The economic activity of California flower farmers,
14wholesalers, and retail florists creates nearly 145,665 jobs in the
15state; and

16WHEREAS, The total economic impact of business activity
17created by California grown flower farmers’, wholesalers’, and
18retail florists’ expenditures in the state is more than $12.2 billion;

20WHEREAS, The amount of money generated by the California
21grown flower industry for additional jobs in the state is more than
22$12.5 million per day; and

23WHEREAS, The economic activities of California grown flower
24farmers, wholesalers, and retail florists generate nearly $1.1 billion
25in additional taxes; and

26WHEREAS, It is appropriate for all Californians to recognize
27our California grown flower farmers, wholesalers, retail florists,
28and others involved in providing such a bounty to our state and
29the nation; now, therefore, be it

30Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
31thereof concurring,
That the Legislature recognizes and honors
32the men and women of the California grown flower industry for
33their dedication and productivity and hereby proclaims the month
34of June 2016 as California Grown Flower Month; and be it further

35Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of
36this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.