Senate BillNo. 154

Introduced by Senator Huff

February 2, 2015

An act to amend Section 21061 of the Public Resources Code, relating to the environment.


SB 154, as introduced, Huff. California Environmental Quality Act.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires a lead agency, as defined, to prepare, or cause to be prepared by contract, and certify the completion of, an environmental impact report, as defined, on a project that may have a significant effect on the environment, or to adopt a negative declaration if it finds that the project will not have that effect.

This bill would make technical, nonsubstantive changes to the definition of “environmental impact report.”

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: no. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P1    1


Section 21061 of the Public Resources Code is
2amended to read:



begin insert(a)end insertbegin insertend insert“Environmental impact report” means a detailed
4statement setting forth the matters specified in Sections 21100 and
5begin delete 21100.1; provided thatend deletebegin insert 21100.1. Theend insert information or databegin delete whichend delete
6begin insert thatend insert is relevant tobegin delete such aend deletebegin insert theend insert statement and is a matter of public
7begin delete recordend deletebegin insert record,end insert or is generally available to the public need not be
8repeated in its entirety inbegin delete suchend deletebegin insert theend insert statement, but may be
9specifically cited as the source for conclusions statedbegin delete therein; and
P2    1provided further that suchend delete
begin insert in the statement. Theend insert information or
2data shall be briefly describedbegin delete, that itsend deletebegin insert in the statement. Theend insert
3 relationshipbegin insert between the information or dataend insert to the environmental
4impact report shall be indicatedbegin delete, and that theend deletebegin insert in the statement. Theend insert
5 sourcebegin delete thereofend deletebegin insert of the information and dataend insert shall be reasonably
6available for inspection at a public place or public building. An
7environmental impact report also includes any commentsbegin delete whichend delete
8begin insert thatend insert are obtained pursuant to Section 21104 or 21153, orbegin delete whichend delete
9begin insert thatend insert are required to be obtained pursuant to this division.

begin delete


end delete

11begin insert(b)end insertbegin insertend insertbegin insertAnend insert environmental impact report is an informational document
12begin delete whichend deletebegin insert thatend insert, when its preparation is required by this division, shall
13be considered by every public agency prior to its approval or
14disapproval of a project. The purpose of an environmental impact
15report is to provide public agencies and the public in general with
16detailed information about the effectbegin delete whichend deletebegin insert thatend insert a proposed project
17is likely to have on the environment; to list ways in which the
18significant effects ofbegin delete such aend deletebegin insert the proposedend insert project might be
19begin delete minimized;end deletebegin insert minimizedend insert and to indicate alternatives tobegin delete such aend deletebegin insert the
20proposedend insert

begin delete


end delete

22begin insert(c)end insertbegin insertend insertbegin insertInend insert order to facilitate the use of environmental impact reports,
23 public agencies shall require thatbegin delete suchend deletebegin insert theend insert reports contain an index
24or table of contents and a summary. Failure to includebegin delete suchend deletebegin insert theend insert
25 index, table of contents, or summary shall not constitute a cause
26of action pursuant to Section 21167.