VETOED	DATE: 10/09/2015

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 376 without my signature.

Senate Bill 376 seeks to bring wage and benefit parity to the
University of California's contracted workers in specific job
categories, such as custodial, clerical and food services, and other
services associated with the University's medical enterprises. The
bill touches several issues ? from contracting out service industry
work that could be performed by employees, to the pay and working
conditions of contracted workers, to the need for more vigorous
oversight of contract employers.

Without a doubt, these are all serious matters to consider, and they
reflect the difficulty in balancing things we commonly value, such as
increasing the wages of low-income workers and keeping operational
costs down. It's worth noting that the University of California
recently responded to criticisms of its wage and contracting
practices with a plan to incrementally increase its minimum wage for
both employees and contract workers, and a pledge to better oversee
contracts generally.

The effort to provide increased compensation to those who work for UC
? either directly or on a contract basis ? is well-intentioned, but
I'm not prepared to embrace the provisions of this bill.

I would caution the University, however, to provide a transparent
accounting of its contracts and clearly demonstrate how the interests
of all its lower paid workers are being protected.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.