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                                                                       SB 746

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       Date of Hearing:   June 29, 2016


                                  Bill Dodd, Chair

       746 (Wolk) - As Amended June 6, 2016

       SENATE VOTE:  (Not relevant)

       SUBJECT:  Olive Oil Commission of California:  chair of advisory  

       SUMMARY:  Changes the advisory committee (AC) Chair from an ex  
       official non-voting member of the Olive Oil Commission of California  
       (OOCC) to a voting member; permits the AC Chair to designate an  
       alternative OOCC member to act as Chair in his/her absence; and,  
       makes technical non-substantive changes.   

       EXISTING LAW:  Provides for the establishment of an AC to advise the  
       board of directors (board) of OOCC, as specified, and provides that  
       the chair of the AC shall be an ex officio member of the OOCC board.

       FISCAL EFFECT:  Unknown.

       COMMENTS:   OOCC was created by SB 250 (Wolk), Chapter 344, Statutes  
       of 2013, and assesses producers of over 5,000 gallons per year of  
       olive oil for the purposes of conducting research, grade standards  
       and labeling requirements.  In an effort to include smaller,  


                                                                       SB 746

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       non-paying producers, this legislation included an AC of those less  
       than 5,000 gallons a year producers to advise the OOCC board.

       The Chair of AC has acted as an ex officio member of the OOCC board.   
       The OOCC board, at their September 9, 2015, meeting, approved a  
       motion to include the AC Chair as a voting member of the OOCC board.   
       SB 736 is intended to fulfill that motion.

       The committee may wish to consider if it is an appropriate policy to  
       have a non-paying producer serving in more than an advisory capacity.  



       Olive Oil Commission of California (Sponsor)

       California Olive Oil Council

       Cal Athena

       California Olive Ranch

       Dickson Napa Ranch


                                                                       SB 746

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       Lodi Farming, Inc.

       Olio Nuevo

       The Groves on 41

       Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery

       Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation


       None on file.

       Analysis Prepared by:Jim Collin / AGRI. / (916)  


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