VETOED	DATE: 09/13/2016

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning the following seven bills without my signature:

Assembly Bill 717
Assembly Bill 724
Assembly Bill 1561
Assembly Bill 2127
Assembly Bill 2728
Senate Bill 898
Senate Bill 907

Each of these bills creates a new tax break or expands an existing
tax break. In total, these bills would reduce revenues by about $300
million through 2017-18.

As I said last year, tax breaks are the same as new spending -- they
both cost the General Fund money. As such, they must be considered
during budget deliberations so that all spending proposals are
weighed against each other at the same time. This is even more
important when the state's budget remains precariously balanced.

Therefore, I cannot sign these measures.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.