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                               Dr. Richard Pan, Chair
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:            SB 1058         Hearing Date:     4/11/16
          |Author:    |Pan                                                  |
          |Version:   |4/4/16    As amended                                 |
          |Urgency:   |No                     |Fiscal:    |Yes              |
          |Consultant:|Pamela Schneider                                     |
          |           |                                                     |
          Subject:  State employment:  supervisors

            SOURCE:  California Correctional Supervisors Organization
           DIGEST:    This bill adds peace officer supervisors of employees  
          in State Bargaining Unit 7 (California Statewide Law Enforcement  
          Association) to the group of peace officer supervisors who are  
          required to receive salary and benefits changes that are at  
          least generally equivalent to the salary and benefits granted to  
          employees they supervise.

          Existing law:
          1)States in Government Code (GC) 19849.18 that supervisors of  
            employees represented by the following state bargaining units  
            (BU) shall receive salary and benefits changes that are at  
            least generally equivalent to the salary and benefits provided  
            to the employees they supervise:

            State BU 5:  California Association of Highway Patrol
            State BU 6:  California Correctional Peace Officers  
            State BU 8:  California Department of Forestry Firefighters

          2)In regard to this requirement, defines "salary" to mean base  
            pay and not to be construed to include overtime.


          SB 1058 (Pan)                                       Page 2 of ?
          3)Clarifies that the benefit package shall be the economic  
            equivalent but that the benefits do not need to be identical.

          4)Requires that the specific benefits that these supervisors  
            receive shall be determined through a meet and confer process  
            as defined in GC section 3533.

          5)Specifies in GC section 3533 that upon request, the state  
            shall meet and confer with verified supervisory organizations  
            representing supervisory employees on matters within the scope  
            of representation, as specified.

          6)Defines for this purpose "meet and confer" to mean that the  
            state employer shall consider as fully as it deems reasonable  
            such presentations as are made by the verified supervisory  
            employee organization on behalf of its supervisory members  
            prior to arriving at a determination of policy or course of  
            action.  The final determination of policy or course of action  
            shall be the sole responsibility of the state employer.

            This bill amends GC 19849.18 to add peace officer supervisors  
            of employees in State BU 7 to those supervisors that shall  
            receive salary and benefits changes that are generally  
            equivalent to those provided to the employees they supervise.


          State BU 7 is primarily comprised of approximately 7,000 peace  
          officers and state safety personnel working in various state  

          Peace officers in BU 7 include state parks rangers and fish and  
          wildlife wardens, Alcoholic Beverage Control agents, Department  
          of State Hospitals officers, special agents with the Department  
          of Justice, deputy state fire marshals, and inspectors and  
          investigators in various state departments who are designated as  
          peace officers. Those who directly supervise these represented  
          peace officers are also designated as peace officers.
          Related/Prior Legislation
          SB 216 (Beall, 2013), would have required CalHR to address  
          salary compaction for managerial and supervisorial employees and  
          provide data to the Legislature when insufficient revenue is  
          available to implement a salary determination to increase  


          SB 1058 (Pan)                                       Page 3 of ?
          managerial and supervisorial salaries by 10% over the salaries  
          of their subordinate rank and file employees.  Vetoed by the  
          Governor, who stated in his veto message:

               I understand that the intent of this bill is to ensure that  
               the salaries for managerial employees are higher than the  
               employees they supervise.  My administration has made  
               progress on this issue within the past 12 months and will  
               continue to meet with representatives of excluded employees  
               to discuss compaction issues as appropriate.

          FISCAL EFFECT:                 Appropriation:  No    Fiscal  
          Com.:             Yes          Local:          No


          California Correctional Supervisors Organization, Inc. (source)
          Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
          California Association of Code Enforcement Officers
          California College and University Police Chiefs Association
          California Narcotic Officers' Association
          Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association
          Los Angeles Police Protective League
          Riverside Sheriffs' Association


          None received

          According to the sponsor:

               Sound organizational principles provide that supervisors of  
               state employees should receive salary and benefit changes  
               that are at least generally equivalent to the salary and  
               benefits granted to employees they supervise.  This not  
               only avoids compaction, but it incentivizes employees to  
               improve their own skills so that they can promote.  Without  
               such parity, an unintended consequence will be to  
               discourage employees from seeking promotion, which, in  
               turn, results in less qualified supervisorial personnel.



          SB 1058 (Pan)                                       Page 4 of ?