INTRODUCED BY  Assembly Member Pringle

                        AUGUST 5, 1996

   House Resolution No. 56--Relative to commending the Honorable K.
Jacqueline Speier.


   WHEREAS, The Honorable K. Jacqueline Speier, the distinguished
Assembly Member from the 19th District, is drawing to a close her
tenure in the California State Assembly after 10 years of outstanding
leadership, and it is appropriate at this time to highlight her many
achievements and to commend her for her illustrious record of
service to the State of California; and
   WHEREAS, A native Californian, Jackie Speier was born and raised
in the San Francisco Bay Area, and after graduating from Burlingame's
Mercy High School, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree
from the University of California, Davis, and a Juris Doctor degree
from Hastings College of the Law; and
   WHEREAS, Her career in public service dates back to November 1980,
when she became the youngest elected member of the San Mateo County
Board of Supervisors; she was reelected to a second term and became
chair of the board in 1985; and
   WHEREAS, In November 1986 she became the first woman to be elected
to represent the 19th Assembly District, and in her fifth bid for
office in 1994, she was nominated by both Republicans and Democrats;
   WHEREAS, She has distinguished herself as Chair of the Assembly
Committee on Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency and
Economic Development, the Assembly's lead consumer protection
"watchdog" committee, and she has championed many pro-consumer bills,
now law, that provide the people of California with greater
protection from travel fraud, 900-phone number scams, unfair funeral
and cremation practices, and illegal stock transactions, and she also
led the legislative investigation of unfair and illegal practices of
vehicle manufacturers and dealers; and
   WHEREAS, As a member of the powerful Assembly Committees on
Judiciary and Health, she has been a prime force in reforming workers'
compensation laws, and she has brought great credit to herself
through her many years as Majority Whip of the Assembly; and
   WHEREAS, Throughout her tenure in the Assembly, Jackie Speier has
helped shape some of the most important laws that have recently been
enacted in California, and she is renowned and respected by her peers
in the Assembly as one of the most thorough and conscientious
legislators in the house; and
   WHEREAS, She is the recipient of a litany of awards and
commendations that attest to her unparalleled record of public
leadership; and
   Whereas, Jackie Speier is the mother of two children, Jackson Kent
and Stephanie Katelin Elizabeth; and
   WHEREAS, Through her professional, public, and community
activities, she has made a significant impact on the people of the
19th Assembly District and beyond, and she will be sorely missed by
those individuals with whom she has been associated; now, therefore,
be it
   Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That the
Members take great pride in honoring Assembly K. Jacqueline Speier
for her outstanding service to the people of 19th District and
throughout California during her tenure as a Member of the California
State Assembly, and extend to her heartiest best wishes for
happiness and success in her future endeavors; and be it further
   Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit a suitably
prepared copy of this resolution to the Honorable K. Jacqueline