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                                                          SB 187  
Date of Hearing:  August 27, 1997

                     Carole Migden, Chairwoman

              SB 187 (Hughes) - As Amended:  7/18/97
Policy Committee:  Education                    Vote:  17 - 1

Urgency:  No      State Mandated Local Program:  YesReimbursable:   


  This bill  requires the schoolsite council at each public school to  
develop and adopt a comprehensive school safety plan by September  
1, 1998, and forward it to its corresponding school district or  
county office of education for approval. In addition, the bill:

1. Requires that each school safety plan include some of the  
   following information: an assessment of school crime committed  
   on campus, child abuse reporting procedures, school discipline  
   procedures, procedures to notify teachers of dangerous pupils,  
   and strategies to provide a safe and orderly environment.

2. Allows schools to submit existing safety plans to comply with  
   this requirement, as long as the plans are in existence by  
   December 31, 1997 and contain the required information.

3. Requires the schoolsite council to hold a public meeting at the  
   schoolsite,  as specified, prior to adoption of school safety  
4. Requires school districts and county offices of education to  
   notify the State Department of Education (SDE) by October 15,  
   1998, of any schools that do not submit plans.  The bill  
   requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to notify and  
   subsequently levy a $500 fine against any school district that  
   does not submit a school safety plan.                    


Unknown annual GF costs, projected to be less than $150,000, to  
school districts and county offices of education to develop the  
comprehensive safety plans.  The actual costs of this bill are  
unknown and depend on the number of schools which have not  
prepared plans under provision #2.  

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                                                          SB 187   
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                                                          SB 187  

This bill revises and makes mandatory provisions of existing law.  
Existing law expresses legislative intent that: (1) all public  
schools develop comprehensive school safety plans, and (2)  
schoolsites use existing resources (including School Safety  
Partnership matching grant funds). 

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