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                                                                AB 185
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        AB 185 (Hertzberg)
        As Amended June 28, 2000
        Majority vote
        |ASSEMBLY: |     |(January 26,    |SENATE: |38-0 |(August 10, 2000)    |
        |          |     |2000)           |        |     |                     |
                  (vote not relevant)

        |COMMITTEE VOTE:  |6-1  |(August 24, 2000) |RECOMMENDATION:   |concur    |
        |                 |     |                  |                  |          |

        Original Committee Reference:   L. GOV.  
        SUMMARY  :  Creates governance structures for a new city with a  
        population of over one million resulting from a special  
        reorganization approved by a local agency formation commission  

        The Senate amendments  delete the Assembly version of this bill, and  
        instead require:

        1)A LAFCO that approves a proposal for a special reorganization  
          including the incorporation of a city with a population of more  
          than one million to include in its resolution a requirement that  
          the new city's legislative body consist of an even number of  
          members, with at least 12 members elected by districts.

        2)The LAFCO to establish initial boundaries for the new city's  
          electoral districts, and to specify that the new city's mayor,  
          who shall be a voting member of the legislative body, be elected  
          on a citywide basis.

         EXISTING LAW  provides that under the Cortese-Knox Local Government  
        Reorganizaiton Act of 1985 (Cortese-Knox), the LAFCO in each county  
        reviews and approves or disapproves proposals for changes of  
        organization or reorganization of cities and districts within the  

         AS PASSED BY THE ASSEMBLY  , this bill renumbered current statutes of  
        the Cortese-Knox, deleting sunsetted provisions and recasting the  
        remaining language, identically, at other locations in the  


                                                                AB 185
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        Government Code.  
        FISCAL EFFECT  :  None

         COMMENTS  :  While not stated explicitly, this bill has been amended  
        to address governance issues for the new city that would be  
        incorporated subsequent to the secession of the San Fernando Valley  
        from the City of Los Angeles.  No other part of the state matches  
        the preconditions set forth in this bill.

        The previous version of this bill reorganized and renumbered  
        significant portions of Cortese-Knox .  These provisions have been  
        largely incorporated into AB 2838 (Hertzberg), pending in the  

         Analysis Prepared by  :  J. Stacey Sullivan / L. GOV. / (916)  
                                                                FN: 00062040