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                       THIRD READING 

Bill No:  AB 187
Author:   Hertzberg (D)
Amended:  8/23/99 in Senate
Vote:     21

AYES:  Baca, Burton, Chesbro, Dunn, Hughes, Johannessen,  
  Karnette, Knight, Lewis, O'Connell, Perata
NOT VOTING:  Johnson


  ASSEMBLY FLOOR  : 76-0, 5/20/99 - See last page for vote

  SUBJECT  :    Grant Information Act of 1999

  SOURCE  :     Author

  DIGEST  :    This bill allows state agencies to make  
available on their Internet websites, after July 1, 2001, a  
listing of all grants administered by that agency, as  
specified.  (See analysis for specifics.)

  Senate Floor Amendments of 8/23/99  make several technical  
changes and make the bill permissive rather than mandatory  
to address concerns raised by the Governor's Office.  
  ANALYSIS  :    

  Existing law  :



                                                      AB 187

1.Requires state agencies to make available on their  
  Internet websites, on or before July 1, 1998, or within 6  
  months of establishment of such a site, whichever is  
  later, a plain-language form through which individuals  
  can register complaints or comments relating to the  
  performance of that agency.

2.Requires specified instructions on how to use the site to  
  be included on the site.

This bill:

1.Enacts the Grant Information Act of 1999, and in so  
  doing, allows all state agencies having Internet  
  websites, to make available on their websites a listing  
  of all grants administered by the agency, along with  
  instructions on filing grant applications consistent with  
  the method the agency establishes for the filing of these  

2.Requires, to the extent feasible, state agencies making  
  grant application forms available on the Internet, to  
  advise individuals calling the state agency for  
  information about a grant program, with certain specified  

3.Includes as a state agency under its provisions, the  
  Office of the Chancellor of the California State  
  University (CSU), but does not include any individual  
  campus of the CSU system, or any auxiliary enterprise  
  affiliated with the CSU.

4.Provides that this act will only apply to the  
  Chancellor's Office if the decision to award the grant is  
  under the control of the Chancellor's Office as  

5.Defines the term "Grant" to mean a solicited or  
  unsolicited request for proposal (RFP) or request for  
  application (RFA), to furnish assistance to another  
  entity as specified.  Does not include the procurement of  
  goods or services for a state agency, or the acquisition,  
  construction, alteration, improvement, or repair of real  
  property for a state agency.


                                                      AB 187

6.Provides that this act will not be implemented until July  
  1, 2001, unless otherwise authorized by the Department of  
  Information Technology (DOIT), pursuant to Executive  
  Order D-3-99.

  FISCAL EFFECT  :    Appropriation:  No   Fiscal Com.:  Yes    
Local:  No

  SUPPORT  :   (Verified  8/24/99)

Los Angeles Unified School District
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
California Association of Nonprofits
City of Berkeley
Alameda County Board of Supervisors
California Park & Recreation Society
California Commission on the Status of Women
American Federation of State, County and Municipal  

  ARGUMENTS IN SUPPORT  :    According to the author's office,  
state grant information is often difficult to access  
because this information is often not readily available to  
the public.  Some state agencies maintain a mailing list of  
potential applicants, while still others only provide the  
information upon request.  Unfortunately, even if an  
applicant is interested in pursuing a grant opportunity, it  
often requires numerous telephone calls to obtain state  
grant information, and very often results in referrals and  
re-referrals to multiple locations within a given state  

Many non-profit organizations participating in state grant  
programs have indicated that they have not previously  
applied for these grants because of the difficulty in  
obtaining basic state grant information.  The author  
believes that these unnecessary restrictions in access to  
state grant information serve no useful purpose, and  
operate to artificially limit the potential pool of  
otherwise qualified applicants.  The author believes, it is  
within the interests of California to expand the applicant  
pool and ensure that state grant opportunities are pursued  
by applicants capable of administering these grants.   


                                                      AB 187

Utilizing the Internet to post notices of grant  
opportunities would facilitate this objective.  Supporters  
believe that implementation would assure greater access to  
grant information and assist applicants to participate in  
opportunities made available through the grant process.

  ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  76-0, 5/20/99
AYES:  Aanestad, Ackerman, Alquist, Aroner, Ashburn,  
  Baldwin, Bates, Battin, Baugh, Bock, Brewer, Briggs,  
  Calderon, Cardenas, Cardoza, Corbett, Correa, Cox,  
  Cunneen, Davis, Dickerson, Ducheny, Dutra, Florez, Floyd,  
  Frusetta, Gallegos, Granlund, Havice, Hertzberg, Honda,  
  House, Jackson, Kaloogian, Keeley, Knox, Kuehl, Leach,  
  Lempert, Leonard, Longville, Lowenthal, Machado, Maddox,  
  Maldonado, Margett, Mazzoni, McClintock, Migden, Nakano,  
  Olberg, Oller, Robert Pacheco, Rod Pacheco, Papan,  
  Pescetti, Reyes, Romero, Runner, Scott, Shelley, Soto,  
  Steinberg, Strickland, Strom-Martin, Thompson, Thomson,  
  Torlakson, Washington, Wayne, Wesson, Wiggins, Wildman,  
  Wright, Zettel, Villaraigosa
NOT VOTING:  Campbell, Cedillo, Firebaugh, Vincent

TSM:cm  8/24/99   Senate Floor Analyses 


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