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                                 THIRD READING

          Bill No:  ACR 181
          Author:   Hertzberg (D)
          Amended:  As introduced
          Vote:     21


           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  75-0, 8/23/00 (Passed on Consent) - See  
            last page for vote

           SUBJECT  :    California History Month

           SOURCE  :     Author

           DIGEST  :    This resolution designates the month of  
          September as California History Month.

           ANALYSIS  :    Legislative findings and declarations:

          1. California has a rich human history represented by the  
             explorers, settlers, farmers, Native American tribes,  
             and people in all occupations from around the world who  
             have come to California in search of a better life and  
             formed the present day melting pot of our population.

          2. The California Historical Society, designated as the  
             official historical society of California, was founded  
             in 1871.

          3. The California Historical Society is a nonprofit  
             membership organization open to all and dedicated to  


                                                               ACR 181

             preserving and sharing the rich heritage of California.

          4. The month of September celebrates the anniversary of  
             California's statehood.

          5. California History Month will honor the diverse people  
             and cultures that have contributed to California.

          6. California History Month will provide an opportunity for  
             libraries, schools, and bookstores to educate and inform  
             young people about the many important aspects of  
             California history.

          7. California History Month will support and promote the  
             valuable work of historical societies and historic  
             buildings and parks around the state.

          8. California History Month, which will be annually  
             sponsored by the California Historical Society, will  
             provide continuity and focus for Admissions Day  
             celebrations and other California events. 

           FISCAL EFFECT  :    Fiscal Com.:  No

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :
          AYES:  Aanestad, Ackerman, Alquist, Aroner, Ashburn,  
            Baldwin, Bates, Battin, Baugh, Bock, Brewer, Briggs,  
            Calderon, Campbell, Cardenas, Cardoza, Cedillo, Corbett,  
            Correa, Cox, Cunneen, Davis, Dickerson, Ducheny, Dutra,  
            Firebaugh, Florez, Gallegos, Granlund, Havice, House,  
            Jackson, Kaloogian, Keeley, Knox, Kuehl, Leach, Lempert,  
            Leonard, Longville, Lowenthal, Machado, Maddox,  
            Maldonado, Margett, Mazzoni, McClintock, Migden, Nakano,  
            Olberg, Oller, Robert Pacheco, Rod Pacheco, Papan,  
            Pescetti, Reyes, Romero, Scott, Shelley, Steinberg,  
            Strickland, Strom-Martin, Thompson, Thomson, Torlakson,  
            Villaraigosa, Vincent, Washington, Wayne, Wesson,  
            Wiggins, Wildman, Wright, Zettel, Hertzberg

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                                                               ACR 181

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